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A huge and warm welcome to “Reclaim Your Financial Freedom – Your Road To Success”. This site is for all of you, who for different reasons, are looking for ways to start over. To build up your economy and self-esteem. Creating an online business has never been easier and more fun! Creating something of your own from the comfort of your home, being your own boss and the master of your own time….what else could turn your misery around to a future of joy? It’s time to take charge over your life and enjoy it to its full potential. It’s your time! I hope I will enjoy your company on this site and on this journey to success! Carpe Diem!

My Back Story

In Sweden we have a saying that goes: “Life begins when you turn 40″…. My name is Johan Rylander and my life began when I turned 51. Well, at least that is how it feels…. I`ll come back to that later. Let´s start from the beginning. I was born in august 1967 in Uppsala, which is the fourth biggest city of Sweden. It´s a beautiful city known for it´s University from 1477 and of course also for being the old center of the Vikings. Due to my father´s profession we have moved around quite a lot during my youth. Washington D. C, Paris and Botswana in Southern Africa. Apart from learning various languages I also got to know new places, new cultures.

When I was 19 I graduated from college. The future lay ahead of me. At the time I wasn´t all that sure on what path I would choose in life. I ended up working in healthcare as an auxiliary nurse, helping older people in their homes. I was very fond of my job as I´m a very social type of person. Taking care of people and helping others has always been in my DNA.

At the age of 24 something happened that was going to change my life and not to the better. I met a woman who swept me off my feet in every sense. We got married and within a couple of years we were a family of 4. We adopted a niece of hers at the same time as our first son was born. Soon everything developed to the worse. My wife was suffering from some mental illness. At the same time as I became codependent she started abusing me physically, psychologically and economically. This went on for 25 years until 10 months ago when I finally managed to escape. The result of this awful experience is that my self-esteem as well as my economy have been pushed down the drain. I have huge debts and I´m struggling to get back some value into my life. I´m finally a free man son that´s why I feel that my life began at the age of 51…

My website is named after my personal goal which is to “Reclaim My Financial Freedom”. I have now embarked “My Road To Success”. After my 25 year long, personal trauma which has stopped me from finding my dream and to achieve success I have finally found a mission. I´m going to rise like a Phoenix and at the same time dedicate my life to help others in my situation.


I want to reach out to men and women who, like myself, are or have been suffering from domestic abuse and who as a consequence today find themselves without self-esteem and with a destroyed personal economy. I want to help these people to find light in their darkness. I will be posting articles and posts about self development. About how to reclaim yourselves as the beautiful persons you once were and still are. Remember: our time is now! Let´s sieze the day! Let´s persue our dreams!


The goal of my site is to be a motivation and a guide back to the life you deserve. To show that the way back isn´t impossible. I want to put my finger on the opportunities and on how important it is to “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life”. Aside from practical tips on self development I want to present you to Wealthy Affiliate and their awesome opportunities when it comes to creating a long-term business online that will “Reclaim Your Financial Freedom” and show you “Your Road To Success”.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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